Servant On Standby

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To send an SOS Alert please call (512) 763-7671

There are people in crisis all around us everyday. God asks us to be his hands and feet to those in need whenever possible.

SOS is a team of volunteers “on call”  to serve and care for those in need. Examples include bringing a meal, driving someone to doctors appointments, donating frequent flier miles,  cleaning a house, or even mowing a yard or making a house repair for someone who is unable to care for themselves.

Are you willing to be a Servant on Standby in your part of town? Fill this out to get involved:

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Here’s how it works…

  • Someone you know or anyone at Gateway knows – a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend – has a crisis situation and they have a one time or short term need.
  • The Gatewayer notifies the SOS coordinator in their part of town
  • Then the coordinator notifies the team via email and the team responds as they’re able.
  • The Gatewayer who made the original request follows up with the person in crisis  and they experience being valued and cared for by our community, hopefully in a life-changing way.
  • We get to love and impact our community one person at a time!

Email any questions to

To send an SOS Alert please call (512) 763-7671


Servants on Standby (a.k.a SOS) is a ministry of Gateway Church that gives team members the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ to those who have a dire need in our community. We do this by being “on call” as we keep our eyes and ears open for ways we can serve those in need around us. The SOS Contact (the person making the request) must be someone who attends Gateway.

SOS needs may include such things as:

  • Cooking and serving a meal to someone who is homebound
  • Driving someone who cannot drive themselves to a doctor’s appointment
  • Doing a household chore or repair for someone who is convalescing from an illness
  • It must be a one time or short-term need.

SOS needs may NOT include such things as:

  •  Financial assistance ( see Community Care)
  •  Needs requiring the services of a professional such as a doctor or nurse
  •  Ongoing or long-term assistance

Steps for Making an SOS request:

  1. You or someone you know at Gateway or in your community (friend, neighbor, co-worker for example) has a crises situation with a one time or short term need that they cannot take care of themselves.
  2. You then call the SOS Hotline at 512-763-7671 and leave a voice message with your name, phone number, email, brief description of the need and part of town of the need. You are now the SOS contact.
  3. The Gateway SOS Coordinator will try to return your call as soon as possible to assess the need. If the need is a crises situation that needs immediate attention, state that in the message as well.
  4. The SOS Coordinator sends out an SOS alert via email to the SOS Team with information about the need and instructions to respond to you, the Gateway SOS Contact.
  5. Responders who can meet the need call or email you to coordinate the SOS response.
  6. If the need is met, you send an email to (please also reference the SOS Alert Number assigned by the SOS Coordinator) with info about how the response was met.
  7. If the need is not met within one week, please alert the SOS coordinator to resend the SOS a second time. If no response occurs after two SOS alerts, then the SOS team of volunteers is not able to help.